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Be the Change

There are many benefits to living a vegan lifestyle, including, but not limited to, saving the animals, protecting the environment, and nourishing our bodies and minds!

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Local Vegan Businesses

We love our Hudson Valley community so much and are so fortunate to be located in an area where veganism is growing in popularity! More and more people are choosing a plant-based lifestyle, whether it be for the animals, the planet or health, and we couldn't be happier! We created a list of some of our favorite local vegan establishments and we hope you'll enjoy them as much as we do!

>>Local Businesses<<

Cookbooks & Recipe Websites

One of Ang's favorite things to do is cook and bake. When Ang went vegan her first quest was to hunt down vegan cookbooks so that she could better understand how to utilize tofu, tempeh, beans, nutrition yeast and other vegan staples in the meals she made. We thought it might be nice to create a list of some of the staple cookbooks that we utilize frequently at GMS.

Some of our favorite cookbooks include

  • Hot For Food

  • I Can Cook Vegan

  • Isa Does It

  • Chloe Flavor

Favorite Resource

One of our favorite resources is the Food Empowerment Project (F.E.P.). We first learned about F.E.P. from the Podcast "The Bearded Vegans", which is another one of our favorites. According to the F.E.P., "...[they] work to promote ethical veganism through through education, through outreach and also by providing tools to help people go vegan." Their website has many helpful resources, such as Eating on a Budget, Recipes, and Find Vegan Foods to  name a few. One of our favorite resources on their site is the F.E.P's Chocolate List. This list contains " most recent research on companies that make vegan products containing chocolate to find out if they source their chocolate from areas where the worst forms of child labor and/or slavery are the most prevalent."

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