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Local Resources

We love our community so much and are so fortunate to be located in an area where veganism is growing in popularity! More and more people are choosing a plant-based lifestyle, whether it be for the animals, the planet or health, and we couldn't be happier! We created a list below some of our favorite local vegan establishments and we hope you'll enjoy them as much as we do!

This cozy vegan owned and operated restaurant is only 5 minutes from the sanctuary! Chef and owner, Nancy Lys, can really throw down some amazing comfort food! Some of our favorites include the saucey seitan sandwich and the chikon sandwich fully loaded! Be sure to also grad a beefy empanada along with an Oreo empanada for desert!

Mike at Party Animals has you covered with weekly meal prepped, vegan and gluten free meals. You can place an order with him by Friday and midnight and schedule your pick-up location! If you haven't had his mushroom meatloaf, buffalo cauliflower or chickpea salad you are truly missing out!

Simply Delish specializes in creating some of the most delicious vegan deserts! The lemon blueberry and chocolate peanut butter cup cupcakes are everything dreams are made of!

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