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This plaque can be personalized with a message of your choosing to be added to the new turkey and cornish runs that we are building this summer.

Christine at Love & Liberation Jewelry will be hand crafting these plaques for us and will be mailed to  us directly so that we can put them up in the runs when they are built!


This fundraiser will help us to cover the costs of the runs, while also helping you to be an actual part of the structures! 


Why protected runs? As you may know, avian flu along with predators, make it absolutely neccesary that we have a secure space that the birds can hang out in when their is a high risk. We have secure sturctures for both the main flocks of chickens and ducks, and now we need to build them for the cornish chickens and turkeys.


Each heart plaque is 2 inches long and can hold up to 20 characters.


*** Please enter your message in the notes section at checkout.***


Thank you so much for helping us continue to create a safe and happy home for the residents of GMS!

Engraved Plaque - Personalized for the covered runs

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