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The Goosepond Mountain Sanctuary Crew

Goosepond Mountain Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to advocate for, rescue, and provide sanctuary for animals saved from exploitation. Here's our story:

Ang, a full-time teacher, decided on a whim to volunteer at a local farm animal sanctuary during the first week of summer over three years ago. When she signed up, the information provided said that she should bring boots, work clothes, and, out of respect for the animal residents, all meals were to be vegan. Ang was already vegetarian at that point, so a week of vegan lunch while at the sanctuary did not seem unreasonable. She had never given any thought to the harmful and devastating reality of the egg and dairy industries. That first day, Ang met Todd, who now runs Arthur's Acres Animal Sanctuary, and while cleaning the goat barn they began discussing why Ang wasn't vegan. Ang went home that night and made the compassionate choice to go vegan, and she never looked back. By the end of that summer Ang had volunteered about four entire weeks. While the sanctuary was far from her house, all she wanted was to be there. She felt drawn to the animals: they needed a clean space, meals in their tummies, and lots of head scratches and belly rubs...and Ang wanted nothing more than to provide that for them. By September Ang knew where her heart was taking her. While she already had eight chickens, Ang began rescuing others. Before she and Chaz knew it, they had 40 rescue animals and decided that they would make their sanctuary work official! In August of 2018, Goosepond Mountain Sanctuary was formed. 


The GMS full-time crew consists of a wife and husband duo that each work full-time day jobs while operating a sanctuary full-time. It's exhausting work, but we wouldn't trade it for anything!

The animals' needs here at the sanctuary always come first!

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Vegan for the animals, the planet, and health!

Ang's journey into veganism began in June 2016 when she volunteered at a farm sanctuary about an hour away from her home. The small seed that was planted on that beautiful day ultimately lead her on the path to animal advocacy, rescue, and sanctuary work. 

Happiest of birthdays to my partner in l

Chaz is the man behind all of the building projects at the sanctuary. He has planned and built most of the animal housing from scratch, along with the help of some of our most dedicated volunteers... his parents! Chaz's attention to every single detail is truly top notch!

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