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It's Earth Day Every Day!


This sample pack includes:

  1. 62 count of Bite "bits". They are toothpaste tablets that come in a glass jar and don't use any plastic! Just pop a bit into your mouth, bite down and begin brushing your teeth with a wet toothbrush!
  2.  One pack of Fomin 100ct handsoap sheets. These sheets come in a cardboard box and easily desolve in water. They are great to keep in your bag, car, or in your bathroom! *** scent choices are: Country Lavendar, Tea Tree or Sweet Orange***
  3. Three sample Dropps laundry detergent pods. Just throw one in your washer with your dirty clothes and feel good about this product being zero waste
  4. One GMS glass mason mug with handle


Let's save the world together!

Earth Day Samples

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